Many composers have written music influenced by the seasons of the year. The most famous is probably Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. This is a set of four violin concertos named Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  This is Spring:


In this recording you can see and hear the harpsichord very easily. This is a keyboard instrument which makes a very different sound to the piano because the strings are plucked instead of being struck with wooden hammers. It sounds very delicate. The harpsichord used here looks very different too because it has three keyboards instead of one like on a piano.

This next piece is a calm and peaceful picture of Spring. It is by the English composer Delius and is called ‘On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring’:


This is another piece featuring the violin, this time for just violin and piano. It is the Spring Sonata by Beethoven. The soloist was only twelve when he recorded this:


There are many other pieces named after Spring. Do some research and listen to different pieces yourself.

Do you think the composer did a good job of depicting Spring? What kind of music makes you think of Spring?