From September 2019 to July 2020 my lesson fees are:

  • £16.50 for a one-one 30 minute lesson (standard private lesson).
  • £12 for a one-one 20 minute lesson.
  • £9 per pupil for a shared 30 minute lesson with two pupils in the lesson
  • £6.50 per pupil for a group 30 minute lesson with 3-5 children in the lesson. (All teaching at Saint Annes and Worthington and offered to violin and cello pupils at Moorlands in the first year of study only). Lesson times will be reduced if there are fewer than three children in the group.
  • £4.50 per pupil for a large group 20-30 minute lesson for 3-7 children in the lesson. (All teaching at Saint Monicas).

Please note that fees for teaching from my home in Romiley from September 2020 have not yet been set and are likely to be the same, or slightly less, than the one-one fees shown above.