Saint Monica’s Teaching – Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to teaching at Saint Monica’s Flixton only, where the teaching is in large groups.

  1. The large group lesson fee applies.
  2. All lessons are paid for in advance at the beginning of each half term.
  3. Invoices are issued by email – if you do not have an email address a paper invoice will be given in the lesson.
  4. Payment is due when the invoice is issued.
  5. Al invoices must be paid by the fourth week of term, or lessons cannot continue. Reminders will be issued in the third week of term.
  6. Payment can be by cash (please put the money in a named and dated envelope), cheque (please put the pupil’s name on the back of the cheque) or electronically. Electronic payments are the most convenient, as they don’t get lost and can be easily traced.
  7. If one child from a group is absent there is no refund for that lesson.
  8. Lesson fees are only refunded in the case of absence if all the children from a group are absent and I am able to reschedule the other lessons.
  9. If I am unavailable to teach a lesson that lesson fee will be refunded.
  10. All lesson fee refunds are made by deducting the lesson cost from the next half term’s invoice.
  11. Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing by the pupil. Once notice has been given a pupil can finish the lessons already paid for but no refund is given for fees already paid for that half term.
  12. Lesson fees are fixed for a school year and will be reviewed each July.